Languages and Literature Faculty

Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literatures

  • Matthew Amos, Visiting Assistant Professor of French
  • Franco Baldasso, Assistant Professor of Italian; Director, Italian Studies; Director, Study Abroad Program in Italy
  • John Burns, Visiting Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Nicole Caso, Associate Professor of Spanish; Director, Spanish Studies; Coordinator, Latin American and Iberian Studies
  • Odile S. Chilton, Visiting Associate Professor of French
  • Robert Cioffi, Assistant Professor of Classics
  • Lauren Curtis, Assistant Professor of Classics
  • Ziad Dallal, Visiting Assistant Professor of Arabic
  • Elizabeth M. Holt, Associate Professor of Arabic; Director, Middle Eastern Studies
  • Jason Kavett, Visiting Assistant Professor of German Studies
  • Franz R. Kempf, Professor of German
  • Marina Kostalevsky, Associate Professor of Russian
  • Stephanie Kufner, Visiting Associate Professor of German; Academic Director, Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures; Coordinator of FLCL
  • Patricia López-Gay , Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Oleg Minin, Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian
  • Melanie Nicholson, Professor of Spanish
  • Karen Raizen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian
  • Dina Ramadan, Assistant Professor of Arabic
  • James Romm, James H. Ottaway Jr. Professor of Classics; Director, Classical Studies Program
  • Nathan Shockey, Assistant Professor of Japanese
  • Wakako Suzuki, Assistant Professor of Japanese
  • Eric Trudel, Associate Professor of French; Chair, Division of Languages and Literature
  • David Ungvary, Assistant Professor of Classics
  • Marina van Zuylen, Professor of French and Comparative Literature; Director, French Studies Program; National Academic Director, Clemente Course in the Humanities
  • Olga Voronina, Associate Professor of Russian; Director, Russian and Eurasian Studies Program, Director, FLCL program
  • Thomas Wild, Associate Professor of German; Program Director, German Studies; Research Director, Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities
  • Li-hua Ying, Associate Professor of Chinese


Written Arts